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CAREER CONSULTANTS & STUDENT COUNSELLING Students now a days stay confused and lost in terms of what career to choose when, where and how. Some take decisions that doesn't match their goals and interests. Such decisions are poisonous enough to spoil the whole career and dismantle all the dreams. It is important that our children get the kind kind of advice at the right time. Moreover when any person decides to make his/her career overseas he/she stay in utmost queries and this confusion leads them to either wrong paths or nowhere. Hence it is essential to get such doubts regarding overseas studies and serving the right information to the right candidate. At Maruti overseas we consider it as our duty instead of any profit making opportunity to guide and provide the right kind of advice and full information including all the pros and cons of the decision to study and succeed overseas. We are keen to provide 360 degree career consultation and student counsell


IELTS COACHING AND TRAINING What is IELTS? The International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. It assesses all of your English skills — listening, reading, writing and speaking and is designed to reflect how you will use English at study, at work, and at play, in your new life abroad. IELTS  is the most widely accepted English language test that uses a one-on-one speaking test to assess your English communication skills. This means that you are assessed by having a real-life conversation with a real person. This is the most effective and natural way of testing your English conversation skills. There are two versions of the IELTS: (1) Academic Version:  The Academic Version is intended for those who want to enrol in universities and other institutions of higher education. (2) General Training Version:  The General Training Version is int


10 REASONS TO STUDY ABROAD  Below are the briefed reasons you should read about studying abroad: 1. Globally accepted and recognized courses and curriculum:  Students get opportunities to get in touch with advance curriculum and learning. Along with that the courses offered by universities are globally accepted through which a wide career option gets open. 2. Extending knowledge with state-of-art infrastructure facilities:  Developed countries like U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Germany and more are technologically advance, due to which better know-how of new ideas, features, technology and coming advancements. 3. Polish your language skills:  It is necessary that our students are having a good command over language. And after a well versed training they become better and better. Practically when they converse with different students from world they get polished in their language skills. 4. Personal development:  Students with well training and guidance opt f

Maruti Overseas - Plan to study abroad with us

Maruti Overseas: An educational institute for Career Counseling, IELTS coaching and Visa services WHO ARE WE? Maruti Overseas (MOS) is a very prominent name in Overseas Education and training in IELTS and English language. MOS has a very strong market presence since 2009 and has been trusted by students as well as their parents for foreign education consultations and accomplishing career goals to  study abroad . We have gained in depth knowledge and information regarding the culture, diversities in lifestyle, economic markets, broad opportunities, teaching methodology and standard of education of various countries and the same is shared with the students as well as their parents while undertaking various workshops, seminars and personal counselling.  Parents are concerned for their children regarding to their career goals. Students after some point finds themselves in dilemma what to choose and why choose to study abroad. Career point of point of view it is nece