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We dream of great opportunities that can build us in the form of growth. A journey of constant learning is all that we need to make a better career, a better future and a life worth living. Many a times it happens that students make higher aims and work for the same to make the most out of it. However, things don't work out because of financial limitations and other concerns. While we talk about those financial concerns, here we have discussed a bit about those countries that are affordable enough to study and live in. They are:  1. Poland The capital city,  Warsaw , was ranked the second most affordable city for students. Poland offers a high quality of education with plenty of fantastic culture and history to explore. You can study for free if you can speak Polish, and if you take the same entrance exams as Polish students and study your course in Polish. However, there are also many English-taught programs available, costing around €2,000-3000. Living c


Studying for a full degree in another country at early stages of life will help you to boost your confidence and make you stronger as a person. As a student you will have to learn how to do needful things that you may have taken for granted at home, like how to set up a bank account, paying bills or buying grocery, shopping, cooking and more. If you don’t know the language, it means you have to spend hours how to understand the local people and make them understand you. These things will challenge you to the core, but they will  make you more self-reliant and independent as an adult. It will enhance your overall personality. It teaches and develop your life  skills that will make you stand out from the crowd.  In India there is a tradition of not taking a break and continuing to study just like others are doing. Make sure that you aren't seeking what others are. Understand it is important to make certain decisions that build you and your career in long term. Taking a


Let's imagine you are done with the preparation and have selected the best university or institute that is advised by your overseas consultant . You are at your selected and preferred country and taking up with your goal of studying abroad.  You got to live with several roles like a student, room mate, traveler and wanderer and many more. So, living at an unknown and new country, culture and atmosphere far from your family and friends; doing all the chores yourself is altogether a different experience which stays with you for a life time. First of all don't forget to send presents  at your hometown and talk to your family once or twice in a day. Also, remember to make the most of your time while you  are overseas studying hard! 1. It is inevitable to manage your funds. Make  a budget of everything i.e. a budget for everyday, shopping and others. Don't spend too much which is not required. Remember to save for the other day. 2. Time management. learn to ma


So when you are aiming to get the best from your decided goals to study abroad  getting in touch with the best consultant for overseas education, all you need to do is prepare.  Getting things done and applying in any foreign university or institute is a challenging task. After you get in touch with the education consultant make sure about the financial capacity and stay in link with the suitable course you want to pursue from the country you desire to go. Also keep in mind about the current academic achievements or degrees that you have acquired, that will help you in getting the wok done in a simple way. So, before going anywhere the mandatory test that you have to take is IELTS  and try to score according to the required bands to get into your desired institution in any foreign country. Your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be tested here. Get certain quick tips for IELTS here . The consultant will then provide you the optimum guidance and fac


IELTS is a examination to know the English language skill of the candidate. Even though you are very confident in English you need to understand the format of the IELTS test. You need to work hard for every single module. In the beginning, you will make silly mistakes. One must complete each module in the specific time period, so that you can perform well. There are four section of IELTS Test:- Reading : - To improve your vocabulary you must read English newspaper, books, magazines etc. It will also help you to improve your reading skill. Listening: - To improve your listening skills you must watch YouTube videos, English movies, English news etc. Such videos will not only increases your listening skills but also helps you in English accent. Writing : - While you are writing question paper you should read the question paper thoroughly once. You should also keep in mind regarding time management. The essay must contain at least 250-


It is important to travel and that doesn't include travelling to the known locations. In real terms travelling means somewhere you could lost or somewhere you need to learn a few things to get things done. It means to find out the real you at the unknown and earn in terms of experiences, values and cultures.  This has been getting easier day by day due to decreasing regulations and increasing demands of students to study abroad . Getting visa and documents done is easy nowadays. It is something that makes us an explorer; to places and our own self. We get to know ourselves during the journey and understand of what great things we are capable of. Moreover, as a student you get 360 degree experience i.e. exposure to new studies and courses at world-wide known universities along with the experience of people, values and existing culture and technology. On the other hand it is said that travelling is that mother that teaches you who you are so no matter what stops you in


Make Goals: You should do some amount of research work for yourself like which field to go, interests, what program to pursue, the main objective of the selected program, which college/institution/university, special benefits, which country, your future goals, career prospects, financial capability and so on.    Students who are clear about their goals and requirements and are also well researched will try to get more information from the consultants as an addition to their research so that they don't get a ready made response. There will be no use of contacting any education consultant if you haven't researched well on your part. Make a list of what you need to know: To get to know a genuine  education consultant  google can also help you out! You should always visit the consultant and inquire face to face  about their accreditation, licenses and their past experiences. You should do your homework by visiting their website and know more about the consultancy. 


Students those are planning to study abroad or preparing to study overseas at different well known universities or colleges many a times stay in dilemma of expectations! Expectations from themselves, the host country, mates, education and more. So here is what all the students need to understand something that is required to live and grow in any foreign country they are planning to go for spending their precious years of life.  1. Learn to relax! It is essential for students to relax. Giving thoughts to unnecessary things bring stress and frustration. It is better to wait for the best and give the best shot for the received opportunity. There are many things that students before going anywhere or while preparing for the same keeps on thinking about the happenings and non happenings of the whereabouts. So, it is important to relax! 2.  Learn the language meanwhile. Focus your mind and practice the language of the country or any common language (English). Get your


STUDENTS' RISING INTERESTS TO STUDY IN POLAND! UNIVERSITY OF WROCLAW - WROCLAW, THE LARGEST CITY OF WESTERN POLAND There has been a notable rising interest among the students for studying in the best University of Wroclaw that is well-known for providing vast number of courses and better education opportunities in Bachelors, Masters and PhD courses. University of Wroclaw is rich in public history of more than three centuries.  Founded by Leopold I Habsburg in 1702, the university evolved from a modest school run by Jesuits into one of the biggest academic institutions in Poland. Today the University of Wroclaw is the one of the leading universities in the Poland and teaches over 28,000 students, around 1300 doctoral students at 10 Faculties. 9000 students graduate annually. It offers  degree programs at Bachelor ,Master  and PhD levels and all   awarded degrees are recognized worldwide .  Students of the University of Wroclaw represent more than 100 natio


Planning to study overseas? Get the best guidance here. It has been continuously noted that there has been an increase in the number of students willing to study overseas to meet their better career opportunities. We at Maruti Overseas make sure to our understand students’ academic background, the subjects they have studied in India and their interest areas. We make sure what field will be best suited for pursuing further studies internationally and accordingly we guide them in selecting best of the course/s and best of the institutes to study overseas. Below are the most preferred countries by the students to study overseas in well known universities. You can also view our  IELTS coaching  and training for students that shape them better for their career: 1. Plan to study in best universities/institutes in USA . 2.  Plan to study in best universities/institutes in UK . 3.  Plan to study in best universities/institutes in Canada . 4.  Plan to stu