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Why miss out Ireland?

Alike our previous blog, Let's start again with some beautiful facts about Ireland.  Fact 1 : Ireland is a snake-free island. Due to its isolation from the European mainland, Ireland lacks several species common elsewhere in Europe, such as moles, weasels, polecats or roe deer. Fact 2 : Kissing Blarney Stone; kissing this stone will endow you with the powers of blarney, meaning a flattering or eloquent talk. This stone was set in the Blarney castle tower in 1446. Fact 3 :  Londonderry's Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival is the oldest Halloween celebration in Ireland, as well as Ireland's largest street party.  Facts Source: Here Ireland is one of the finest place to study in Europe because of its education system.  Moreover the quality of the Irish education system is the only and major factor to the fastest economic growth rate since past decades. Ireland is is known as the exporter of software majorly in the field of pharmaceuticals and