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The Spot Assessment of Lynchburg - April 2018

We are very much proud to announce that our event of spot assessment for students from field of science who were seeking an opportunity for making their career in the USA was completely successful. We had very knowledgeable person associated from  Lynchburg, Mr. Ty Eccles. All the students who took part in the event where guided as well as assisted for their higher career prospects at Lynchburg. They were also provided with a golden opportunity to apply for the college  without any entrance exam like IELTS or GRE.

It was an amazing crowd to welcome, acknowledge and  manage at Maruti Overseas on the day of the event. Here are some of the glimpses that one can have about the day.

Such programs are certainly useful for the students who are good in their field and are also looking higher prospects for their career. The event was indeed useful for the students and extremely important. Lynchburg college, for a filed like Public health, Nursing and other Medical Sciences is  very well known and a reputed place to study and get good hands on experience. And for us it is always great to share what is most important to the students. We are keen to organize more such events to benefit students as well as their families so that they can commend a better and brighter future.

For more details feel free to reach us at Maruti Overseas.
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